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by Hillarys Colon, Tuesday, May 16, 2023, 06:50 (19 days ago) @ JoFrance
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"What it sounds like happened: Mentally ill man who probably belonged in prison or a secure mental hospital (Jordan Neely) was threatening people on the subway. He wound up in a chokehold by Daniel Penny, passed out, and later died."

I heard the same thing but they left out that he has a long rap sheet. The MSM tries to portray him as an entertainer but . . .


There is no way Daniel Penny will get a fair trial in NY. He's white and the victim is black. The media will portray it in that light instead of portraying him as someone who wanted to protect themselves and others from a direct threat.

How do you deal with these freaky people, FSK? I'd be scared they might get violent or start stabbing people. What really sucks is YOU will be prosecuted if you try to defend yourself. Yes, its a shame that Neely died, but he provoked it.

That incident is interesting. There were multiple people involved but only the white guy was charged. Frankly the guy doesnt deserve to go to prison. I find it amusing that the media is making this guy who died out out to be some kind of saint. He was a f*CKING bum and criminal. Just like St. Floyd. The guy who choked him may not end up in prison - the reason I say this is the people in the city HAVE HAD IT.

There is HUGE flight out of the city into LI, NJ and CT. House prices have gone crazy here because the city people want out.

I used to work in NYC. Now you cant pay me to go there, no matter what. Want to know how I know the city is emptying out - NJ Transit trains are NOT full any longer. The closer you would get to the city the fuller they would become. They are NOT, ridership is down. People started working at home and now dont want to go there.

Years ago when I was a kid the homeless were called bums and derelicts. That was until the PC police took over language.

Since the pandemic the trains have gotten MUCH WORSE than anyone can imagine. In the 70s the trains were just dirty from usage and covered with graffiti. The stations at that time were nasty and you got in/out of them as quickly as you could. The trains are much worse now. They are literally filled with garbage, feces, urine and the bums are actually living in the trains. The stations are the same as trains. This is all a result of DeBlasio and his decriminalizing all kinds of things. Giuliani had cleaned up the city but now its worse than ever.

Regardless riding the trains you just dont know what you will encounter. I had tons of encounters when I was riding the trains. Not so much on NJ Transit but on the PATH and subways.

Most people try to avoid problems by not making eye contact and ignoring them. However at times you cant do that. Than you get the f*ck off the train. Change cars or just get off the train.

The scariest time is when you cant change trains and its between stations. You ARE TRAPPED.

When you are cornered you may have to do something drastic - I have sprayed more than a few them with pepper spray. A blast to the face ALWAYS stops them in their tracks. Takes a few seconds for them to feel but it ALWAYS stops them.

I saw crazy stuff when I was on the trains:

One day this bag lady got on the PATH and pulled out a pair of garden shears - you know the big ones that you use to trim hedges. She was literally waving them around and walking up to people and asking them if they wanted some of this.

Another time a guy came on to the train on all fours and was barking like a dog. Then he whipped out his equipment and was urinating on everything in sight.

There was another time a guy got on the train covered in tin foil from head to toe. He pulled out a huge kitchen knife and was doing tricks with it while he was standing there.

I remember one time in particular - I was walking with my Dad, it was a cold winter day. We saw this bum laying there. My Dad felt bad as he said it reminded him of his Dad. So my Dad said to him, come on - let me buy you breakfast. The guy pulled out a straight edge razor and lunged at us screaming that he doesnt want the f*CKING breakfast. Give him the money so he can go buy booze. We just got the heck out of there.

NYC is becoming like something out of one of these apocalyptic movies set in the future. The only thing that will fix it is someone with a strong hand. As long as these Marxists run the show it will continue to get worse.

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