I Agree With It To A Degree (Public Board)

by Hillarys Colon, Monday, May 08, 2023, 03:13 (26 days ago) @ Cornpop Sutton

The notion that your mental state and your state of optimism vs despair are responsible for creating real world circumstances in your life.

Think "The Secret", EG, an Oprah affiliated pop culture fluff book.


I occasionally see someone state in forum threads (not here) that XYZ does not work for them. Then someone else almost mockingly rebuts them that they are manifesting their own failure.

What I think and believe:

Manifesting is probably mostly responsible for creating your life circumstances. It's probably more of a determinant of success/failure than IQ, talent in some area, or being made by someone for most people.

There is likely a huge amount of micro-decisions that you make in your life that together push your fortunes up or down, and they are kind of involuntary because they're based on your sense of whether success is possible.

In life I've been on a roll and everything worked out fine, and I've been in the shitter and every attempt I made to improve my circumstances resulted in mockery of me. These patterns persist like the La Nina/El Nino weather currents - they stay around a long time.

What say anyone with a notion about this?

I was introduced to the concept by a friend. For a long time I did not understand it and did not buy into it. I had the mindset how can thinking about positive outcomes cause the very thing you want to happen? I thought it was IMPOSSIBLE.

I have come to believe your attitude be it positive or negative greatly influences how you view life and how you deal with situations. As CS said we are all resonsible for a zillion micro-decisions about everything. Each one of these decisions causes something else to happen.

She says if you truly believe in ABC happening to you, than ABC will happen to you if you manifest it. To me that means you have a positive attitude and you do all the little steps and decisions that need to happen for ABC. Does it mean that ABC will happen for sure? Nope. It may not happen for any number of reasons.

Since my Dad passed my grief was unimaginable. It took me a better part of a year to pull myself together. But a few things I have realized - you are happier as a person IF you look at things in a positive way. You have to eliminate the negativity in your life. I truly believe in that stuff about the power of positive thinking. This goes hand in hand with manifesting.

Its not just wishing it will happen, you KNOW it will happen. Truly beleiving that it will happen. This is similar to when people tell you that somehing is in Gods hands. In essence that means letting go which is also part of manifesting.

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