Any thoughts on Bobby Knight? (Public Board)

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Sunday, November 05, 2023, 22:55 (26 days ago) @ IT guy
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I worked in Indiana in the late 1980s during peak Bobbie Knight with a lot of IU and Perdue grads in the departments where I worked, and everyone, even fans, readily acknowledged that he was a psycho asshole who threw chairs at people and the like.

Sorry, I only heard about Coach Knight as a walking human caricature.

Indiana seems to have this thing about basketball including genetic predisposition. Who was that like 8 ft tall white guy from French Lick, IN who was sort of a hometown hero and major basketball star? His name will come to me. Very recognizable.

I'm a flabby non sports type so my comments are entirely anecdotal. ;-)


Geez, I'm getting f*cking senile.

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