Any thoughts on Bobby Knight? (Public Board)

by IT guy, Sunday, November 05, 2023, 20:25 (36 days ago)

Sports isn't a popular topic here but Bobby Knight is a household name and I'd be surprised if anyone here hasn't heard of him. He passed away on Tuesday at age 83.

He was fired by Indiana University in 2000 after being there for 30 years after having some confrontations with students, and was extremely bitter about his dismissal. It took him 20 years (seemingly after dementia started to take its toll) for him to return to the university after refusing to do so for so many years. He wasn't a politically correct guy and the administration at the time wanted him gone.

I kinda liked the guy despite so many people hating him due to his personality (who else does that remind you of?). He didn't beat around the bush or kiss anyone's ass.

He did have a reputation for having anger management issues. Here are some funny clips: (wishes to be buried upside down so his critics can kiss his ass) (wishing death on his former bosses)

He also supported Trump. Here are a couple of clips re that: (bashes a CNN reporter who questions his support for Trump) (at a Trump rally)

Despite the hate, the guy's teams had winning records every year and they won several championships. The vast majority of his students (90%+) graduated. He was never busted for cheating like many other coaches at the time.

What do you think? A guy who should be admired for not being a kiss ass and who told it like it was and who stood up people who he felt wronged him? An abusive asshole that should have been fired long before he was? Or a combination of the two?

Would things be better these days if the likes of Bobby Knight were around to mentor young people? Or should someone with his mentality remain a relic of the past?

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