Let's say that Biden wins the Presidency and the Republicans win the house (Public Board)

by IT guy, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 00:36 (11 days ago) @ JoFrance
edited by IT guy, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 00:40

he has essentially rebranded and taken over the Republican party.

True but it's going to take longer than another term to purge the filth and get it to the point where they can get things done.

I don't like dynasties either, IT guy, but Trump Jr. could probably get his own money. He isn't ready yet, IMO. He's got the heart, but not the finesse and shrewdness of his father. The Trump family could also throw their financial support behind another candidate. There are some real solid Republicans that have potential.

Who would you say have potential?

Mike Pence? Nikki Haley?

The danger in the Republicans losing the Presidency is this: If a Democrat is elected President, Democrats take over Congress, and amnesty is granted to millions of illegals, there may not be another Republican elected President after that.

It's almost like Trump would need to be re-elected and then someone with similar views would need to succeed him, plus there needs to be major turnover in Congress during this time to reverse the creep toward socialism.

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