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IMO the production WAS slick. But slick in the way of making the doctors and the group visually look good in a non substantive way. Handheld, and shaky camera angles.

To me the video felt kind of like something from one of these stock photo site videos that you can purchase for an animated background on a website or to add to a Youtube video.

Like it was produced to project an image, not to convey information.

I've seen the White House and the feds distribute videos that had much less of a "clickbaity" feel than this video.

It's just my intuition. I could be wrong.

And a video like this really needs titles and charts and numbers on screen.

As far as the doctor, I agree with your logic in compartmentalization. I'm saying most people in society are trained to not think logically or to compartmentalize. Again ... I feel that the worst possible persona for a "thought leader" was selected here.

Also, the video mixed in off-message and dubious concepts like stating that mask wearing is unnecessary. Pick your fights.

As far as production values go - many low-end Youtubers create very slick videos with inserted charts, superimposed titles, etc.

It isn't really important anyway. The video was suppressed. So either it served its purpose of making the right look bad to a segment that was paying attention. Or, it was sincere and unfairly censored.

This video actually makes me much more suspicious of a lot of things that appear in the news cycle. In the US we are totally manipulated by the media.


I vill trransmit this information to Vladimir.

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