Trump is FINALLY doing something about the H1B issue (Main Board)

by FSK, Monday, June 22, 2020, 11:19 (13 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

Are Americans actually up to performing this work at the scale that H1B has provided? Most developers and IT people I know over the age of 45 have left the industry.

You have it backwards. Employers don't hire H1bs because American programmers are washed up at age 45. Employers don't hire over age 45 precisely because H1bs are available in large numbers.

If there wasn't an unlimited supply of H1bs available, employers would be forced to consider older Americans.

An H1b candidate is more attractive than the experienced American worker, even when the H1b is getting paid a little more and not as skilled. That's because the H1b has indentured servant status and can't switch jobs easily.

It is a problem. If you're a talented student, going into software can be an idiot move with outsourcing and H1bs. Over time, this means there isn't a pool of qualified American workers. For a lot of interviews, I go there and everyone is Indian.

Here is an example. I go on an interview and they don't make me an offer. I look them up on the Internet, and they hired 10 H1bs last year (in a 100 person company). If the H1bs weren't available, they probably would have made me an offer.

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