Are there moderate lefties? (Public Board)

by JoFrance, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 20:01 (11 days ago) @ ,ndo
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Pepe said:

"Remember 'I D' from the old board? This describes a discussion with him.
After engaging with this moderate leftie normie, I was really depressed.
I'm completely unclear on the level of self-awareness in this country at this point. Normies like this guy in my opinion are the worst threat to our civil liberties. Because they seek convenience and comfort, are easily gaslit, have little situational awareness, and follow concensus even when it's fucking stupid. SOMEONE had to vote for nasty lying pieces of shit like Ayanna Pressley or AOC.

These lazy, complacent thinkers will readily hand over power to a worse power cabal than the PRC and will consider it a civic duty to do so.

I want to believe Trump will win in an inarguable landslide. In reality, I suspect the left and the deep state are already very well prepared this time around for that outcome."

Pepe, I always saw I D as a hardcore, bleeding heart liberal, not a moderate. The Birkenstock majority, yeah, but someone who sees himself as a far more enlightened, educated individual than most (snobby). He could not bear the coarseness of Trump or hard truths of what is happening in the country and refuses to see it. As long as the Democrat party pushes the "Hate Has no Home Here" virtue signaling narrative, he's on board and will vote a corpse like Biden into power.

People like him are definitely the worst threat to our civil liberties. They're like naive children who think the world can be utopia. They aren't living in reality.

Absolutely, the left knows that they're headed for a crushing defeat. Their only hope is to create as much chaos as possible with mail-in voting and try to save face if they lose by saying the election was stolen from them.

They won't just leave it at that though, there will be more riots, etc. It will be very ugly.

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