Let's say that Biden wins the Presidency and the Republicans win the house (Public Board)

by IT guy, Friday, September 11, 2020, 12:55 (16 days ago) @ ,ndo

I think it would revert to business as usual faster than you could imagine. Politicians, lobbyists and co all greasing each other's backs like they have for decades.

Unfortunately you are 110% correct.

Trump is the only one with any desire and any capacity to diminish the gravy train. It's too big a job for him but he is giving it a go.

Is there anyone of independent means who believes in the sovereignty of the individual over the state, you know, as did the authors of the US Constitution, who could succeed him?

If there is, both parties would put the screws to him to ensure there is not another 2016. That wasn't supposed to happen!

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