The Medicare for all Fantasy (Public Board)

by JoFrance, Sunday, September 06, 2020, 20:28 (18 days ago) @ Dennis

I think "Steve" really has TDS. It has clouded his thinking. That and listening to the MSM. I know a few people like that and really, there is no arguing with them because they're dug in on what they believe. I still try.

My best arguments with people like them is to tell them I always vote on policy and then I go into the policies of the Dem party. Amnesty for all illegals. Free healthcare, paid by taxpayers, for them. Open borders to anyone who wants to come. Abolish the police and ICE. Get rid of fracking and fossil fuels, by 2030. Higher taxes for all. It would be interesting to see "Steve" say he supports those policies.

As for Medicare, I've been on it for two years now. It isn't all free. Part A for hospitals pays 80% at no charge. Part B costs about $135 a month. You need to buy a supplement plan to cover Medicare shortfalls. Parts F and G provide that, but they cost about $150 a month and as you age, the price goes up. None of this covers your drugs. You need a Part D plan and those will cover the cost of generic drugs. If you need something outside of that, like a brand name drug or something not on the list, you have to fight to have it covered. They may not do it. My part D plan costs $75 a month because I take a brand name drug that other plans will not cover. It could be as low as $12 a month if you take just generic drugs.
Anyway, its a big ball of shit. There are Medicare Part C plans, but they are HMOs and you're restricted to a network of doctors. You can have basic drug and doctor's visits. Sometimes this doesn't work for people with a lot of health problems. They need to be able to go out of network.

Medicare for all would degrade the care that seniors get and IMO, the Dem party wants it that way. You're a drain on the system if you're old or sick. They might as well start sending us oldies to Carousel, like in Logan's Run. Look how they treated seniors in Democrat run states. They didn't care about you if you were in a nursing home or rehab center.

Here's the funniest thing. My brother hates Trump and thinks he's so unpresidential, blah blah. I still hear about the "grabbem by the pu..." tape and how that is so bad. I told him I can't believe that would bother him being that he was such a Howard Stern fan for years. I told him I really don't vote on personality, only on policy.

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