Fighting the perception of "authoritative" information is uphill (Public Board)

by IT guy, Sunday, September 06, 2020, 01:45 (19 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

Something that appears to be incomprehensible to the normie public (your friend is a dumbass normie, emphasis on the dumbass as in deliberately stupid) is the following set of notions:

Dumbass? Maybe. Normie? He's not the type that normally drinks the kool aid.....which is why I'm surprised about the sudden change.

- Humans of all levels of life, reputations, and roles can and will lie.

- "Professional" journalists can be exceptionally partisan and can color their reporting as such.
- News organizations are ratings and advertising driven. Disturbing information will drive away monetization by viewers.
- News organizations themselves can have clear political agendas.
- On the ground reporting by self funded bloggers, video reporters and content creators often penetrates the truth deeply in a way that's alien to large news organizations.

Agreed on all counts. He even told me recently that there are no neutral sources of news. He knows better but is still letting himself be manipulated. Ugh. This is more frustrating than arguing with a leftist! You at least know they're completely lost.

There seems to be a deliberate play by the media to scare seniors into voting blue. The Dems used to play the Social Security card but now there's the Covid factor.

The normie believes that news organizations may have slight bias but also think "how bad can it be? They're supposed to be telling the truth and I can't possibly believe otherwise."

Yeah. He was around in the days of reputable anchors like Walter Kronkite. Of course things have changed since then. CBS is no longer the organization of Walter Kronkite and the Democratic Party is no longer the party of JFK or even (the 90s) Bill Clinton. I told him that the party is being hijacked by extremists but he doesn't seem to buy it. He doesn't even know who AOC is!

He already told me he's not voting. I wonder how many people that will vote Democrat that are ignorant.

The normie listens intently to the ABC evening news telling him that Youtube content creators are unskilled stupid amateurs and far right racist monsters.

So you're fighting the the idea that big companies don't and will not lie, and that paying attention to any off brand information will turn the guy into a Nazi and will make him retarded just by listening.


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