How does one argue with a CENTRIST? (Public Board)

by IT guy, Saturday, September 05, 2020, 22:01 (16 days ago)
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We all know what it's like to beat our heads against the wall while arguing with a leftist. It's not even worth the time. What about convincing people that are centrists what the left is trying to do? Many still don't seem to get it.

I posted previously about a debate I had recently with a family member (let's call him Steve) who recently retired (blue collar working guy) and believes that "the Republicans will cut Social Security" if they take control of Congress. When he was working, he was a blue collar working guy. He has bitched for decades about politics, the middle class being screwed by both parties, etc.

Steve seemed to be on Trump's side in 2016 (not a fully but for the most part) all the way up until Covid hit. He says that Trump is to blame for Covid spreading in the US. I argued that Trump stopped travel from China in January. He said it should have been done sooner and ALL air travel should have been stopped. He said it's bullshit that Trump is blaming China. I really didn't have much of an argument as we have no idea what the other side would have done.

I will admit that Trump was a bit lax at first but so was Fauci and Birx. Trump is no medical expert. He was listening to what Fauci and the others were telling him. I believe Fauci was downplaying the seriousness of the virus at first if I'm not mistaken. They were all mislead by China it seems.

It's not like Trump created the virus but Steve is acting like it's all Trump's fault. He is saying that Trump is a billionaire and "doesn't give a shit about us". I said neither does the other side. He agreed but really seems to think that it was Trump that dropped the ball and is to blame for all of this. To be fair, he also blamed Congress (Pelosi, Schumer, McConnell, and the like) and said they all should be voted out.

Steve believes in free healthcare for all (or at Medicare people over 60). Biden claims he is for giving Medicare to people over 60. I think some who post here are in that age range. What do you all think of this? I'm not sure that is such a bad thing, especially with ageism the issue that it is in our society.

He also blames Trump for the riots continuing on, saying that can stop them - NOT be sending the military in but by giving money to the states and local governments. He says that local governments are requesting money from the federal government, and that Trump should give it to them. WTF? I try to explain that it's the liberal mayors that are baiting Trump into sending the troops in so then they can accuse him of abusing his power and attacking American citizens. He just talks over me and says Trump is pissing off too many people and "needs to be a leader". OTOH he bitches and moans about those "sons of bitches" actually involved in the riots so he's no fan of those people.

I bring up the China thing - the CCP paying off our politicians, CEOs, entertainment/sports industries, etc.. He says that it's a bunch of bullshit and they are no threat to us. I talk about manufacturing being moved to China and he said something about it being a global economy now. Okay but what about jobs? And I mention the outsourcing to India thing but he's not a tech guy so it goes over his head.

He's telling me that I'm getting my news from biased sources and that I'm being manipulated. I don't think I'm the one being manipulated. I think he's watching too much ABC, NBC, CNN, etc. He does admit that every news source is biased.

I bring up the whole woke thing and he's out of touch with that. It just goes over his head.

Biden is being portrayed as a "decent guy" and a family man who has empathy and cares about people. For example:


tldr: Family member is centrist who is no fan of either side but thinks Trump is just as bad.

I thought I'd post this here not because anyone cares what any one person thinks (as he's not the only one I have run into that thinks along these lines) but I wonder how common this is. And then there are others who are done with politics and just don't care.

Are any of you running into this sort of thing with those who are not on either side?

Trump may have a harder time winning this election if there are many independents turning on him. Information is power and the media is very good at manipulation.

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