Shortages On Other Things Besides Toilet Paper & Paper Towels (Main Board)

by Hillarys Colon, Saturday, July 25, 2020, 07:43 (16 days ago)
edited by Hillarys Colon, Saturday, July 25, 2020, 10:51

My father's fridge is on its way out. Went to buy a fridge and depending on model there is anwwhere from a multiweek to months wait. My Dad is luck so its only going to be a few weeks. But so many models say out of stock. Apparently from my reading there is a shortage of appliances nationwide now. My father's neighbor said there is a 6 month wait now for standalone freezers.

I went to buy underwear the other day and its no gots. This is the second time now its out of stock!

I need some parts for my pressure washer. Home Depot and Lowes doesnt have them. There is now a shortage! Ended up buying them on Ebay.

Occasionally certain things at the super market can be hit or miss: pasta, soup, meat, canned goods of any kind, dry cereal, oats - tons of things. Depends on the day.

Fitness equipment of all kinds is very hard to get. It ranges from mats to weights to weight lifting benches. Pretty much anything you can name.

Bicycles are out of stock everywhere. Bicycle parts are also hard to come by.

I wanted more shotgun ammunition just in case our new peaceful darlings and gods come to visit. Guess what? Out of stock and if you can find it the price has DOUBLED! Shotguns themselves are OUT OF STOCK across the nation. This also applies to ar15s and 5.56 ammunition - out of stock everywhere. 22LR is nonexistent now. People are hoarding for the coming collapse. Just remember its whiteys fault. Oh yay.

There is a shortage of coins now. Yay! Afterall we dont need that dirty physical money and should be using the digital currency supplied by Microsoft the way our god Bill Gates has ordained!

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