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by dictum, Tuesday, May 23, 2023, 11:12 (274 days ago) @ JoFrance

I've never had a nice car in my life, until now. My previous was a 2008 Tahoe which I got with 160K and drove it until 265K without major repairs. Cosmetically it started to look very challenged, due to multiple deer attacks and me banging into things. But, zero debt, no car payments - ever.

Decided to upgrade recently, spend the currency before it got devalued, got a top of the line GM SUV which stickered for 68K. The PO financed it so it cost them even more than that. It's 10 years old with 170K miles and a new engine. Paid about 1/5 of the new price and I am pretty happy, runs very nicely. Everything in the engine bay is new. If the transmission fails, I am OK with that, I will still come out ahead even if I install a new one. Front end also.

Taxes and theft risk are lower on a used car. Plus if it gets wrecked, I am not out of 60K. (Yeah, I know, insurance, but).

I stopped by a dealership to pick up a minor part and was shocked. Not at the sticker prices but at their posters suggesting financing repairs. As if they are giving you a favor. Repairs have become so expensive at GM/Ford dealerships you have to finance them. OMG. I am not even going to ask.

I think I am going to buy some more auto repair tools. A nice scanner probably. I got a cheap one for $40 but thinking about a $500 one.

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