The Electric Vehicle Fantasy (Public Board)

by JoFrance, Sunday, October 29, 2023, 18:41 (34 days ago)

I can't believe all of these car company executives were so stupid to believe people wanted to buy EVs. They are so impractical and no one can afford them. There is no infrastructure to support them. People want value for their dollars.

As much as Democrat politicians want to force people into EVs, it isn't going to work. I guess the subsidies from Biden were enough incentive for them to produce the vehicles even though it isn't want their customers wanted. Next thing you know, we'll be bailing them out with our tax dollars.

Here's an example of Democrat infrastructure planning. I recently had lunch with a friend of mine in a busy, congested city in NJ. They put this huge EV charger at the entrance into a parking lot and the people that want to charge their car were in the way of people entering and exiting the lot. I was shocked to see it there because it was so large. It reminded me of Klaatu, the robot from The Day the Earth Stood Still movie.

The Green New Deal is a total failure and I don't like government involvement in what should be free markets. Car companies would be doing well if they listened to the consumer instead of the government.

They Aren't Environmentally Friendly

by FSK, Monday, October 30, 2023, 11:35 (33 days ago) @ JoFrance

Electric cars are an environmental disaster.

The electricity supply is not 100% renewable. If someone is charging their electric car, some power plant somewhere is burning coal/gas/oil to generate the power. It's also less energy efficient than just burning gasoline.

The lithium mines are huge evaporation pools that waste a ton of water. It's so bad that there's now a water shortage in every area that does lithium mining.

They Aren't Environmentally Friendly

by JoFrance, Monday, October 30, 2023, 20:06 (33 days ago) @ FSK

I didn't know they used so much water. That's just crazy. The electric car fantasy apparently wasn't well thought out. Stupid people run our government and I hate like Hell that they have access to our tax dollars for these frivolous fantasies. I'm sure there are members of our government cashing in on the green new fantasy. One I can think of is our energy secretary, Jennifer Granholm.

She invested in electric buses and was allowed to make a cool million or so before it became "unethical" for her to do so, according to our government.

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