A 500 Year Old Book about Ending Tyranny (and link to PDF) (Main Board)

by SureThing, Sunday, July 19, 2020, 20:42 (26 days ago)

Political Book:
The Politics Of Obedience:
The Discourse Of Voluntary Servitude
. . by Etienne de La Boetie

James Corbett said about this book:

"... is a 500 year old text that is every bit as relevant to the problems we face today as it was 500 years ago ... absolutely timeless ... gets to the root of the problem and the solution ... and it's a short book ... so please read this book"

Corbett then reads what he calls the 'key and central insight of this book':

"They [the people] suffer plundering, wantonness, cruelty, not from an army, not from a barbarian horde ... but from a single little man. Too frequently this same little man is teh most cowardly and effeminate in the nation, a stranger to the powder of battle ... without energy to direct men by force ... "

"... if a hundred, if a thousand endure the caprice of a single man, should we not rather say that they lack not the courage but the desire to rise against him, and that such an attitude indicates indifference rather than cowardice?"

After reading the above passage, Corbett goes on to say:

"It is not fear that keeps people in check. It is acceptance, consent, willing desire to participate in the system of oppression. The only thing that can truly end that oppression is the easiest thing of all – just to stop desiring it. Well, you would think it's the easiest thing of all, but ... one of the most important things that can be done is the revolution of the mind, because we have so completely internalized the structures of power and oppression from above that we have not only come to think it's acceptable but to actually desire to have those systems of oppression. That is the central insight that La Boetie comes up with ... the key to solving the problem of tyranny of all sorts is to stop obeying, stop going along with it."

"It's such a simple thing, but it's so difficult to get people to see."




Nobody Wants To Say What Needs To Be Done

by Hillarys Colon, Monday, July 20, 2020, 21:25 (25 days ago) @ SureThing

Voting is not going to save us.

Nobody Wants To Say What Needs To Be Done

by Dennis ⌂ @, Monday, July 20, 2020, 22:13 (25 days ago) @ Hillarys Colon

We need a brotherhood, to protect ourselves from the normies. That is what is to be done.

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what people can do

by ,ndo, Shit for brains, Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 11:26 (24 days ago) @ Hillarys Colon

If every American who knew what was going on told their representatives at local, state and federal level that they knew and that the representative had better stop doing the wrong thing, that would have an effect. It might even be enough. The key is to convince every rep that the people know and will no longer tolerate it.

Won't happen

by Dennis ⌂ @, Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 17:31 (24 days ago) @ ,ndo

Just won't happen.

Beyond misanthropy: https://atlantis5.home.blog/ , Real Minority: https://realminority.wordpress.com/



by Hillarys Colon, Thursday, July 23, 2020, 11:12 (22 days ago) @ Dennis

They dont care what you think or want. They will do what their corporate masters, elite and foundations tell them to do.

The political class are merely puppets of the people in the next layer in the chain.

And that aint us.


A 500 Year Old Book about Ending Tyranny (and link to PDF)

by ,ndo, Shit for brains, Tuesday, July 21, 2020, 11:52 (24 days ago) @ SureThing

thanks, I'll have a look at that.


The usual user-manual routine

by ,ndo, Shit for brains, Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 04:09 (18 days ago) @ SureThing

Once we again we see modern-day crooks employing old methods.

I COME NOW to a point which is, in my opinion, the mainspring and the secret of domination, the support and foundation of tyranny. …It is not the troops on horseback, it is not the companies afoot, it is not arms that defend the tyrant. This does not seem credible on first thought, but it is nevertheless true that there are only four or five who maintain the dictator, four or five who keep the country in bondage to him. Five or six have always had access to his ear, and have either gone to him of their own accord, or else have been summoned by him, to be accomplices in his cruelties, companions in his pleasures, panders to his lusts, and sharers in his plunders. These six manage their chief so successfully that he comes to be held accountable not only for his own misdeeds but even for theirs. The six have six hundred who profit under them, and with the six hundred they do what they have accomplished with their tyrant. The six hundred maintain under them six thousand, whom they promote in rank, upon whom they confer the government of provinces or the direction of finances, in order that they may serve as instruments of avarice and cruelty, executing orders at the proper time and working such havoc all around that they could not last except under the shadow of the six hundred, nor be exempt from law and punishment except through their influence. pp 71-72

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