Trump's Achilles Heel is his Sloppyness and Lack of Rigor (Public Board)

by JoFrance, Friday, November 17, 2023, 20:33 (15 days ago) @ Cornpop Sutton

Back in 2015, Trump was not a politician. He was a businessman and showman that took a chance by running for president as an outsider. He wasn't politically correct and was unfiltered, which was a blessing and a curse. He learned a lot during his presidency about how the swamp works. Now he knows all their secrets and they're scared to death he might win again in 2024.

Trump 2.0 is running for president now. He will go scorched earth on things like the deportation of the illegals, if elected. Still, this time he is seen as a much more sympathetic person because of how the left is persecuting him. People clearly see the two-tier justice system and black people especially can relate. Things are so bad, even Dems are considering voting for Trump.

Vivek is very smart and articulate, but he isn't savvy. Trump can be sloppy and inarticulate sometimes, but in drawing out criticism of him, his detractors expose themselves to be corrupt, unscrupulous people.

I think Vivek could land a nice position in a Trump administration, but he has much to learn before he could ever be president. He doesn't totally have my trust and I'd love to know more about his associations with India.

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