Four dimensional chess (Public Board)

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Friday, November 17, 2023, 05:20 (15 days ago) @ ,ndo
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Amazing reasoning. Ok. I understand. I did not think of this.

Thank you.

So to summarize what you're asserting:

VR weakens Trump because he is an alternative who dilutes Trump. What you said, "finally an end to Trump so he should walk into a running wood chipper ASAP."

Whereas VR does not have the years of exposure in the media and the decades of recognition of Trump. So he will likely lose the general.

In the worst case the right loses, bigly.

Amazing how in life 1+1 != 2. Sometimes 1+1 = -1. Or i.

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