Trump's Achilles Heel is his Sloppyness and Lack of Rigor (Public Board)

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Tuesday, November 14, 2023, 20:24 (27 days ago) @ JoFrance
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I know you're a Trump girl. I respect Trump's support base.

In 2015 Trump turned the political world upside down with two things: brash manner, and a very original message and point of view.

I say it's probably political suicide to count on that formula permanently, and Trump called Nikki Haley "bird brain" while hilarious and truthy doesn't quite have the meme magic that his labels did 8 years ago.

VERY quickly the left adapted to Trump and MAGA with counter measures and their own revised ideology that benefits directly from Trump's crudeness.

Trump is EASY to make look bad.

What I get from Vivek's background dossier of sorts is that he did the "Martin Shkreli" (pharma bro) thing and got wealthy by patenting and making exclusive a once-cheap drug of some kind.

So Vivek maybe can be painted as a supercilious douche. Right now, unless we find out about an undisclosed DUI death or something else in his past, he seems pretty clean.

Vivek corrects so many of Trump's bad habits and sloppiness with self control and clear messages. Trump handwaves while Vivek goes in like a guided missile.

I repeat - Trump did undeservedly AWFUL in one on one debate with Joe Biden. They looked like two seniors in a nursing home circling each other. I couldn't tell that Trump necessarily had more clarity than Biden from that debate. And Trump left unclear that Joe was a total full of shit con artist. That is a miserable performance!!!

I'll still vote for Trump, warts and all. But if something happens to him... we need a backup plan.

...I keep saying to deaf ears here. FSK seems to indicate (maybe I am wrong) that Vivek is one of a herd of NPCs "beneath" Trump.

I don't get what planet you guys live on sometimes. "Nope, not gonna listen to him, not my pick".

That EXACT attitude is how we're going to wind up with some shithead like Nikki Haley. Smart people who should support the up and comer with talent refuse to deviate from a pick that may not even be possible.

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