Opinions on most recent GOP Presidential Debate 11/8/23? (Public Board)

by JoFrance, Sunday, November 12, 2023, 20:43 (29 days ago) @ Cornpop Sutton

If Vivek was a viable contender, they would give him the Trump treatment. There is plenty in his background to pick apart that the deep state would use against him. I'm not sure he would hold up to an attack from our weaponized government. He is very young and naive to how ruthless and coordinated they are in their attacks.

Trump knows the deep state well and they know he's out to get them. They're desperate to stop him from being elected with all the lawsuits, but he is such a tempting target for deep state assholes. They expose themselves in the process of trying to get him. In the end, that benefits Trump.

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