Opinions on most recent GOP Presidential Debate 11/8/23? (Public Board)

by Cornpop Sutton ⌂, A bad bad dude who makes good shine., Saturday, November 11, 2023, 13:55 (21 days ago)
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A lot of bad blood between MAGA and the institutional uniparty surfaced and it was GREAT.

The venue, with the moderators from NBC especially liar Lester Holt, was awful. The GOP selects the most right-hostile moderators with a track record of carrying water for progressives and Biden. Last cycle it was Chris Wallace interrogating Trump like he was on a witness stand.

Absolutely fuck the GOP committees for not finding conservative moderators and fuck Lester Holt for being the self appointed spokesman for controlling the truth. Unless, of course, they wanted to control the narrative, which they partially succeeded in but still allowed truth to be said.

The guys on the PBD podcast analyzed the debate's flow and how time was allocated and they made some really cogent arguments. One is that when the debate gathered momentum (especially Vivek attacked everyone else which was morally right, good, true, and honorable) they switched over to some turd like Tim Scott or Chris Christie.

Apparently Tim Scott, the vacuous fence straddler, got the most speaking time, and he speaks slowly. He and Chris Christie have NOTHING to contribute. Neither describes how they will handle issues or crises. Each one blabs hot air about the legacy of America's freedom bla bla bla. Christie's only cred is he is a Trump hater and otherwise says nothing.

Nikki Haley wants WWIII including attacks directly on Iran. Ron DeSatan was Mr Bland, kind of MAGA but also straddling the uniparty/MAGA fence.

To me the sole standout was Vivek Ramaswamy. He rightfully slaughtered Nikki Haley. He also pointed out the bad performance of the GOP chairwoman, who called him an asshole in the audience as overheard and acts like the GOP's campaign money is her private funds. He also got in the face of the moderation team for being one of the networks who sold the Russia collusion hoax to the public.

Vivek hit one home run after another. He said he enjoyed watching the Ukraine hawks tip toe delicately back from their positions as Ukraine is being demoted in favor of Israel support.

If something happens to Trump I would whole heartedly vote for VR. He's making many, many enemies in the campaign cycle, which in this corrupt time is what has to be done.

VR is a disciplined, high IQ incarnation of Trumpism. The same fire, the same almost obvious anger.

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