The Argument For Zionism (Public Board)

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Before Israel was founded in 1948, Jews basically had no one homeland. You had tribes and pockets of Jews scattered around the world.

Each pocket of Jews was subject, as history shows plainly, to discrimination and far worse right up to slavery and genocide.

Jews before Israel were a scattered religion and sometimes an ethnicity. There was no single banner under which they could rally support from the rest of the world.

Israel became that banner for support, as well as a place all could go to live if they wanted. In a way, Israel is a fundraising symbol.

So even as a Goy I get it.

Israel was a terrible idea to re-found. But the Jews of the world need Israel for survival of their people.

Alt history: Without Israel, Jews would probably be an increasingly diluted peoples around the world and would be kind of like how gypsies are seen as a racial group. And they would be subject to persecution as small groups and individuals.

And since Jews are regarded as they are by Islam, it becomes expedient to surround them and constantly maintain the pressure of terrorism. So Gaza situations are unavoidable.

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