Any thoughts on Bobby Knight? (Public Board)

by IT guy, Tuesday, November 07, 2023, 00:35 (34 days ago) @ Cornpop Sutton

Wow they were talking about him being psycho even back then? He lasted another decade plus before they shitcanned him. Apparently he was (or thought he was) bigger than the university.

Yeah, Larry Bird. He and Magic Johnson were the big names before Michael Jordan came along.

I'm into baseball but have never really been a basketball fan. That being said, I've always been fascinated by Knight and what he was able to get away with.

In the sports world, strong-willed personalities like that just don't exist anymore with everything being so politically correct. I didn't really mean to bring this up as a sports topic tho. The corporate world has gone in the same direction. And I think you've mentioned in the past a similar phenomenon in tech.

Love the guy or hate him, these old school hard asses that don't take shit from anyone are becoming an endangered species. Maybe it's a good thing but in other ways, maybe it's not such a good thing.

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