Hamas Supplies Smuggled In With Food Aid (Public Board)

by FSK, Saturday, November 04, 2023, 00:35 (28 days ago)


Meanwhile, two senior Israeli officials told The Times of Israel that Israeli inspectors earlier this week uncovered several oxygen concentrators meant to aerate the tunnels operated by terror organizations in Gaza.

“These weren’t for use in the hospitals, but below them. That’s why they were smuggled among boxes of cookies,” one of the senior Israeli officials said, adding that the entire truck in which the oxygen concentrators were found was barred from entering Gaza.

UN "aid workers" are recruited from the general population. They put zero effort into screening to make sure that Hamas members don't join, which means that Hamas members are joining.

If Hamas supplies were smuggled into the aid truck, that also means some UN workers was going to find them and deliver them to Hamas. I.e., Hamas is working with the UN.

It looks like Israel cucked out and is still letting aid trucks in, only blocking that single aid truck. They missed a chance to go hardball "If you're putting weapons and Hamas supplies in with the aid, we're going to block aid for a week every time we catch you smuggling something."

The "oxygen concentrators" were not strictly weapons, but they are something that would be used to help Hamas soldiers who are hiding in tunnels. If they were for legitimate medical use, they wouldn't be in a box of cookies and instead be with medical aid that was already approved.

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