Truth masquarading as bitter sarcasm (Public Board)

by Historian, Tuesday, September 15, 2020, 03:06 (12 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer
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Well the WaPo article about this suggests it's big names with lots of followers that are recruited and paid. Little people are doing it just to be part of something, a volunteer army. Maybe they get paid 50 cents a post though like they do in China! That would be funny since both are communists. Though in Israel they have a program where young adults do this in lieu of military service.

Not paying is probably a smarter strategy if you can recruit enough people due to the "Punished by Rewards" mechanics. Pay them and they go home at the end and don't believe the propaganda. It was just a job. Don't pay them and they become true believers. In China and Israel everyone knows the propaganda is BS and the only way to recruit them is pay. In the US though... people have been trained in church and school to believe whatever they are told and that what they are told is right and true and holy. Public education for the win! :-)

So your friend might be part of the army. Using terms and arguments that are en vogue is a hint. Or he might have gotten swept up in the zeitgeist. Either way he's not thinking for himself. He's parroting what his robot masters tell him. A willing unpaid slave happy to serve a soulless mechanical algorithm. This is the new industrialism, humans as slaves to robot masters.

Upshot is that you, a human, were arguing with and trying to convince a non-sentient robot of something. You were fooled because the robot was wearing the skin of a trusted human intermediary. But the task ultimately is pointless and futile, the robot is incapable of changing its mind. This is part of the system as well, your time is wasted arguing with a robot instead of a human. And if you try to argue, debate, or just learn or explore truth or reality with a fellow human... you might not even be able to find one.

Remember the meme of the NPC? The NPCs don't just get that way on their own. They are groomed and trained, without ever understanding what they are doing to their mind, ability to reason, and soul itself.

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