What if JFK had lived and served two terms? (Public Board)

by IT guy, Monday, September 14, 2020, 13:06 (13 days ago)

How do you think things things would be different today?

I wasn't around then. Perhaps some of you were and/or remember how things were then. It was a much different Democratic Party then. Seems that he had a lot of respect from the middle class.

From what I've heard from people and read, the country was really demoralized when he was shot.

Would Vietnam still have been a thing or would he have pulled out?

Would LBJ have ever been President? From what I read, he was about to be investigated when JFK was shot.

Would the country have ever been as divided as it is now or would that still have happened? Without the Vietnam War, they hippy movement and all that may not have been much of a thing.

Would the Soviet Union have fallen? Would there have been Reagan as President? What would the two political parties be like today? Or would JFK have been disgraced (like Bill Clinton) after his scandals were made public?

Interesting to think about.

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