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by IT guy, Monday, September 07, 2020, 13:14 (17 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

The family member that I am referring to doesn't seem to believe in personal development. I think he did at one time thinks it's no longer worth the bother it seems. He no longer reads books, even though he has the time.

He is bitter and badmouths people that have more money than he has. He worked his ass off, which I give him credit for, but never really learned how to manage his money.

He has little self awareness. Everything is somebody else's fault.

His problem isn't believing everything he sees on media. He doesn't believe ANY of it (except for what fits into his world view while discarding everything else) and thinks he knows it all.

He was trying to argue with me that beer is no worse than bottled water to justify why he drinks what he does (not an alcoholic but more than he should).

You know the thing that came out over the weekend about Trump calling soldiers "losers" and "suckers"? Guess who bought it - hook, line, and sinker? I asked him if he believes that bullshit and he said yes and then went into the McCain thing.

Somebody in the media came up with this, knowing that people were going to link those alleged comments with what Trump said about McCain.

Here is how our conversation went:

Steve: I can't support the guy knowing what he said about the military.

Me: You believe that bullshit? The media....

Steve (talking over me): Yeah I believe it!

He then went into Trump avoiding Vietnam and the McCain comments and was very pissed off as he went into a rant. Whoever made this up knew damn well that many people would buy it, making those connections.

I got him to admit that Trump has done a good job keeping us out of a war (saying that's the only good thing he's done) but he says it won't last if Trump keeps screwing with China.

Most of us just don't have that talent to lead a person from sheep to thinking human being. And questioning your reality is a very high bar.

Yep. I give up.

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