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by Hillarys Colon, Sunday, September 06, 2020, 01:35 (21 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

You have to probe them to find a weakness and than go from there. I have successfully turned many people. You can't do it by confrontation or brute force. The best way is to inject doubt into their brain and than water it.

An example:

IT dork whom is Mr. Libertarian. All IT people are aware of the H1B to some degree. The best way to crack that nut is via saying things like this:

Do you think its fair that Americans have to compete with foreigners on temporary visas for work in their own country?
How would you feel if you got laid off and replaced by an H1B?

Leftie retard:

How would you feel if you were beaten and robbed by blacks?
How would you feel if a business you worked your entire life on was burned and destroyed during a riot?
What if you someone in your family was killed by antifa?

Realize that the first time you say something like this to them they will reject it automatically. But now the little seed has been planted in their brain and it won't go away. You want to inject just enough doubt into their brain that it cause friction in their thought processes. Than you water it by bringing it up periodically.

Usually by the time I am done, they have turned 180 degrees.

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