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Optics... this is what she looks like to most of the world: https://i.imgur.com/tg7YrXy.jpg

I started the concept of this "summit" being astroturfing here, and then Historian jumped in and used fairly shallow (but valid) internet research to find other residents of the business rental building that her clinic is based in.

As far as I know the entire galaxy is treating the "White Coat Summit" as a good faith event. I'm dissenting from that view.


My opinion is that advocating 1) not wearing masks and 2) HCQ already places you in the fringe.

Selecting a spokesperson who is closely associated with beliefs that sound unscientific and crazy to your audience doesn't seem remotely plausible when you're trying to legitimize non mainstream ideas.

As Historian said, the video and the presence of this doctor in it makes anyone staying open to HCQ sound like a crazy voodoo doctor.

Therefore I still say that the event was astro turfed by someone on the left to make medical dissenters and the right wing sound crazy and to taint Trump for his reposting it.

Dr Immanuel herself may be acting in good faith and believes what she is saying personally but I think she was selected to make the whole thing look inherently bad. I honestly don't believe that this was a good faith production.

Either this, or...

Absolutely nobody associated with this production understands the concept of "optics" (how things look to observers.)

That could also be. I tend to believe that anyone who is sincere gives a counterpoint their best effort with the best knowledge they have.


I vill trransmit this information to Vladimir.

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