Angies List & Home Advisor BLOWS (Main Board)

by Hillarys Colon, Saturday, August 01, 2020, 08:34 (14 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

Both Angies List and Home Advisor BLOW. Useless. People pay for ad placement just like Google. I wont use them for anything now.

I needed a molding guy to do crown molding. Crown molding is a huge pain in the ass as you need two people and if you are not careful you can easily screw up the inside vs outside cuts. You also need a pneumatic nailer which at the time I did not have. No way was I doing this a hammer. Year ago it was all done with a hand miter saw and hammers without banging up the wood. Pretty dam amazing if you ask me.

Anyway hired a guy from Angies List. The guy also did window replacement. Anyway went to his office, picked out the molding. I made a point to tell them absolutely NO MDF. I want wood. The guy gave me a price of about $700 for the ENTIRE first floor. Which is a great price for the molding and installation.

Day comes and a different guy shows up. First guy subbed out the work. I was looking at the molding and thinking thats not what I picked. Regardless I let it go because I didnt have the sample in front of me.

2 hours into it I get a phone call from the first shithead. Asked how it was going. I said its fine, the guy and is helper are banging it out. Than the guy finds out the molding that the guy is putting up is more expensive and is real wood (as I wanted). The guy had told the carpenter to swap the real wood for MDF despite me telling him no MDF. The carpenter didnt hear him or ignored him (Most carpenters hate MDF). The carpenter shrugged his shoulders and said I get paid ABC per job and I use whatever they tell me.

It really pissed me off as the first guy was doing the old switcherooo. I guess he figured I would never know.

Next thing you know the first jerk off is telling me that I need to pay an uplift because the carpenter used real wood. I said that shit is not happening. I have a work order with the molding number and it says wood, not MDF. You EAT IT.

The guy starts whining to me that he wont make money on the job. I told him, thats not my problem. I told him you deserve no money - you are not doing the work and subbed it out to someone else. You are making money for being a middle man. What do I need you for? I could have gone straight to the carpenter.

The carpenter was laughing his ass off. I heard him tell the helper that the owner can go fuck himself and is a douche.

Have had nothing but bad experiences with both Angies List and Home Advisor. Its full of so called "contractors" whatever the fuck that means at this point. A lof of the people on there are unethical.

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