You Can Do It & Sub Out Parts Of It - Depends on Laws Where You Live (Main Board)

by Hillarys Colon, Wednesday, July 29, 2020, 22:57 (11 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer
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Take this for what its worth - my family was in constructon for 100+ years.

You need to understand the laws where you live. Some states (ie. the Peoples Republic of NJ (PRNJ)) will not allow you to be a general contractor unless you have a contractors license. I dont know if that is true everywhere. Other states will allow to be a general contractor for yourself or your family but you cant be a "business" without a license. In the PRNJ its a no go no matter how you slice it.

As an example in the PRNJ if you wanted to put an addition on your house you would need the following:

-Site survey by a licensed surveyer - submit to town.
-On the survey you must show exactly where the additon would be and the distance from the property lines - submit to town.
-An architectural drawing from a license architect that would need to be approved by the town PRIOR to construction. Whatever the town doesnt like you would need to have changed. Submit and resubmit as neccasary till they are happy.
-Permits to do demolition, excavation, framing, etc...

Just a small sample - when I had my generator (21000 kw) I had to drop almost $500 in inspection fees for the following:

-Property survey inspection showing exactly where the generator is from the property line.
-Fire inspection.
-Gas line inspection (generator is natural gas).
-Electrical inspection.

To give you an idea of how much a dick the town can be - when I got to the last inspection - the electrical, the inspector tells me that he doesnt like the way the electrician grounded the generator. Keep in mind this electrician is a commerical electrician who does primarily data centers - and only did my work because he is pals with my brother in law. He knows a thing or two about generators.

I said to the inspector, is there something wrong with it? He goes no, I just dont like it. I said why, the guy goes I just dont like it. I was like uh-huh. The first thing that popped into my head is he wanted a little $$ on the side. My electrician warned me to play it cool if they fail me. So he failed me. Than the electrician had to come back and change it to the way the guy wanted. Than I had to reschedule the inspection again. Apparently this is normal bullshit with these jerkoffs.

If its not true where you live than go at it and sub out sections of it to other people. Because thats what general contractors do. In other words - you can hire demoltion guys, bulldozer guys, framing guys, plumbers, electricians, etc...

Whats important though is you understand the code where you live and how strict are they. For the demolition there is no code but when you start digging and framing than it becomes important because the way they built houses 50 years ago is not how they build them now (older was built better from a structural standpoint). Electrical work has radically changed though, more so than plumbing.

What goes hand in hand with being the GC is scheduling the guys to come in and making sure the shithead town comes and does their inspections in a timely manner. So in a nutshell its project management.

Do some reading and find out what the deal is where you live. Every state is different.

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