Is it time to lawyer up or should I give contractor one more chance? (Main Board)

by IT guy, Friday, July 24, 2020, 13:45 (21 days ago) @ FSK

Thanks for the advice.

I have never actually sued anyone before. I did go to a lawyer once after an uninsured motorist rear ended me but that was a lawyer/insurance company thing and the amount I was awarded (settled out of court) didn't cover the bills.

Anyway, one would think they would have more negative reviews if they have a habit or doing bad work. Maybe their lawyers harass people for leaving bad reviews. I do have pictures that clearly show their bad work so I'm not sure what they can do about that. Or maybe they are not such a bad company and I've just had bad luck. I did my research prior to hiring them and saw no red flags.

Do you have a contract with him? Read it. Does it have a mandatory arbitration clause?

Also be careful, the contract may say that you have to pay their legal expenses if you lose. Just because you're right, doesn't mean you will win!

Yes, I did sign a contract. No mandatory arbitration clause. The only thing that mentions litigation is that the customer pay attorney fees/court costs if the company files suit against the customer for non payment.

Maybe I'll try one last ditch effort to get them to honor their warranty (which is supposed to be 10 years). If that falls through then proceed with further action (negative review, etc).

Write it off as a loss and a lesson.

One mistake I made here was not paying with a credit card (to avoid an extra $400 fee). I did pay the initial down payment with a credit card, and the remainder with a check. A credit card gives you the ability to do a chargeback in case they refuse a refund after shitty service. I learned that after dealing with a mechanic.

After everything seemed to be fixed a few months back, I went ahead and paid the balance thinking they finally resolved whatever issues there were. A couple months go by and suddenly the shingles stated buckling in different spots. I didn't see that coming.

Unfortunately, you can make a more profitable business giving bad service than good service. Most people only replace their roof once, so there's no repeat customers to lose.

Yep. They're onto new and more lucrative jobs.

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