Is it time to lawyer up or should I give contractor one more chance? (Main Board)

by IT guy, Friday, July 24, 2020, 09:53 (21 days ago)

I've posted previously about this roofing company that installed my roof last fall. There was originally a crooked valley issue and a gutter issue. They eventually fixed both issues after after months of phone tag and different people coming out.

I discovered that their business model goes like this: they have several crews of Mexicans (illegals?) doing almost all the real work, a couple of guys that seem to just go around and fix the main crews' mistakes, some project "managers", and estimators. And last but not least, they have an office full of people who don't seem to do jack shit and can't seem to communicate or get scheduling right. Seems like all of these people with cushy jobs are feeding off of people who do the vast majority of the real work for below market wages. Reminds me of another industry!

So anyway....a couple months ago, I noticed buckling shingles in a couple of spots. I called their main office to complain and they sent out a guy that same week to fix. He said something about it being too cold when the roof was installed and the adhesive didn't get a chance to bond until it warmed up. Also said something about not enough nails being used.

Last month, I noticed similar issues in a half dozen new spots (on the same side). Here are a couple of pictures:

Called again and asked for a manager this time. He came out the next day and said he'd get it all taken care of.

It's been a few weeks and I've heard nothing. I called the office back last week and left a message for this manager and no response. Seems to be a pattern. When someone gets back to you, they usually leave the main line #. When I try to reach them via the main line, they are almost always "out to lunch" or "out of the office". When leaving a message, the message often either doesn't get to them or they ignore it (or take their time responding).

There is one person in the office who has been helpful but most of the people I've dealt with have been little or no help.

I've been patient but am at the point where I'm about ready to say fuck it and post bad reviews online, followed by a letter from an attorney (if the bad review doesn't get results). Only reason I haven't gone this route is because I'm kinda stuck with these people due to the warranty.

Maybe send an email to the people I have on file and give them one last chance to make things right and actually threaten to post bad reviews? Or just do it? I've never actually sued anyone before and would rather avoid the hassle, but tired of playing games with these people, who I've been going back and forth with for almost 10 months now.

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