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by ,ndo, Shit for brains, Thursday, June 25, 2020, 00:41 (18 days ago)

The DC Circuit Court of Appeal has granted General Flynn's petition for writ of mandamus, in that the Court has ordered Judge Sullivan in the lower court to grant leave to the Department of Justice to have its case against Flynn dismissed.

The Court of Appeal denied Flynn's request to have Sullivan replaced by another judge.

It's not over yet. Sullivan still has to actually sign his order, and no doubt will find an excuse to delay this signing further. But now that the Court of Appeal has ordered him to do so, there is a practical limit to the delays he can introduce.

The US oligarchy is desperate to keep Flynn gagged because from their point of view he knows far too much. They must keep him silenced until after the November election. Expect something anything that will further delay the actual dismissal of the case.

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