Many Tried To Change Careers (Main Board)

by Hillarys Colon, Tuesday, June 23, 2020, 11:07 (20 days ago) @ Dennis

Knew people that did the following:

-One got a masters in marketing. Ask me if he was able to get a job in marketing at 40 years old. NOPE. Back to IT.

-One got a masters in accounting. Both accounting and finance have H1Bs just like IT. Back to IT.

-One tried to start a PC business targeting small businesses, doctors, dentists. Clients are cheap and dont want to pay and second the space already has tons of people in it. Failed. Back to IT.

-One transitioned out of IT into some some marketing area via the hookup. Survived but eventually punched out and got trained in fitness and personal training. Is much happier. Still in it and was doing quite well until the pandemic.

-One left IT to go into general contracting and home repair. Did well as he knew what he was doing as had prior background in construction due to his family. Still in construction and owns a business. Now he is the boss.

-Many transitioned into IT PM/BA roles.

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