Collectivism and the libtard (Public Board)

by IT guy, Wednesday, September 16, 2020, 01:11 (6 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

What I was trying to do in this instance was break down the walls of communication with a collectivist. Someone who in general wants to believe in the power of collaboration and cooperation, but who goes well beyond that to believing that institutions and groups are virtually always the solution to all problems at all levels.

Basically he's a follower who needs to be told what to do and craves approval. I have run into many of these types in the corporate world.

My perspective was formed from small companies, and software contracting and freelancing. You're always butting heads with clients. Clients ask for dumb things. Customers never want to select the option their business needs, they tend to ask for vanity features. Projects fail and then people get fired or released from contracts. You do your job and then you get axed and you get badmouthed, even while your product is selling and making your former employer money.

This is similar to the kind of stuff that productive people deal with in the corporate world. I'm sure it's more difficult as a contractor, however. In either case, productive people tend to be taken advantage of.

One good engineer can outwork five mediocre engineers who have to discuss and over analyze everything while the productive engineer gets to work and gets results. Unfortunately the productive are outnumbered by the unproductive.

This retired, 60ish liberal guy has been cloistered in his professional life. He's never faced impossible odds against him in the workplace.

Some people seem to just fall into the right jobs or right situations. They don't know what it's like to experience adversity.

So he's liberal. A liberal listens to talking heads and then says "look at how many talking heads, therefore they must know something valid and we must pay attention to it."

As for why the vote left - maybe it's guilt, maybe it's ignorance, or a combination of the two.

I'm thinking a lot of the Trump/left schism is based on the likely fact that Trump's ideas and the entire conception of individual liberty resonates the most with anyone who has had to pull up by their bootstraps and who never really breaks through to assured success. In other words: the self employed; the non college educated; small business owners; those who in some way take a lot of risk on in their ventures.

To the collectivist, the entire idea of individual risk sharing sounds unnecessary.

These can be: high school and college students; trust fund kiddies; some divorced women with large settlements; career employees; the very very young; young moms/a wide swath of women. In other words, all of the groups protected their entire lives so far against personal risk.

Conclusion: Collectivists usually have limited experience with unfair adversity and usually have had someone protecting their interests for them. They don't KNOW that the cavalry from HUD or some other government program will never be riding in or that daddie's monthly check won't ever arrive.


What all of these people have in common is that they are mooching off of somebody else.

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