What if JFK had lived and served two terms? (Public Board)

by Historian, Monday, September 14, 2020, 13:11 (10 days ago) @ IT guy
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It was a much different Democratic Party then. Seems that he had a lot of respect from the middle class.

Before Roe vs Wade the Democrat Party was the Evangelical Christian, Union and Working Class party. Also heavily Southern vs Republican that was more Northern, that was the great alignment. Working class Democrats in the North often were immigrants from the South that migrated to find work after the Civil War. Anti-union rich factory owners were northern, Republican, and non-evangelical. Workers had few rights, union busting was a thing, and the workers were poorly educated southern evangelicals who were very pro labor and unions.

Fast forward a century... after Roe vs Wade the Democratic Party decided supporting abortion was the hill they would die on, and Christians that were against abortion left the party in droves and became Republicans. So Roe vs Wade was sort of the point where everything changed and the parties completely realigned and no longer had even a vestige of north vs south left.

There's a fun show based on a comic called Umbrella Academy that touches on Kennedy surviving. Umbrella Academy is basically a rip off of X-Men: kids with secret powers are recruited and live in a mansion where they are trained by a quirky scientific expert billionaire.

The show has time travel as a recurring theme since one of the kids can open up time portals, but his control of them is poor. In fact every kid's powers are pretty bad, coming with side effects, poor control, or just generally being kind of useless.

Second season they stop the JFK assassination.


The FBI and JFK then incorrectly conclude that the assassin was working for the USSR, the US declares war on the Soviets, the Soviets invade the US, the US and USSR then do a full nuclear exchange, and everyone on earth dies.

Every season is actually this same theme. Things are screwed up, so the kids use time travel to "fix" things, and every single time it results in the end of the world. It's kind of funny.

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