Let's say that Biden wins the Presidency and the Republicans win the house (Public Board)

by FSK, Saturday, September 12, 2020, 20:54 (13 days ago) @ JoFrance
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Right now, only one side is fighting, the left/Antifa. They also control the media and all the big Internet companies, which means they can cover up the extent of the problem. As far as I can tell, the downtown area of pretty much every big city has been burned and looted.

Now that they've wrecked the downtown areas, they're going for residential areas. They're also now able to do targeted assassinations.

In Democrat states and cities, Antifa can do as they please with no resistance from police. Even when arrested, they get released without being prosecuted. In Republican states, the police are still effective.

It has become accepted that you don't use lethal force to protect property or stop a riot. Without the threat of getting shot, or even getting arrested, Antifa can do as they please.

The conservatives are still hoping that the police can get their act together and stop it from becoming a full civil war. After the election, if Trump wins, the violence gets racheted up, and they probably won't hold back anymore. If Biden wins, they won't see any reason to hold back either.

It's also become accepted that using lasers to blind police is OK, along with using fireworks and IEDs. Blocking traffic is also seen as something that protesters have a right to do.

There's also a ton of funding, from big corporations and billionaires who for some bizarre reason have decided that a Civil War is a good idea. There's also funding, supplies, and training coming from China. One of the people caught arsoning up the West coast was an immigrant from China. He had a high-tech method of using drones to spread fire.

Under normal circumstances, DAs like to brag about how tough on crime they are. These extreme left DAs, many of which are backed by Soros, have openly said they're refusing to prosecute Antifa. It's only in the past year that DAs, mayors, and governors have come out openly supporting domestic terrorism.

It's a Civil War, but only one side is fighting right now. Antifa can do as they please, but anyone on the right who fights back is promptly prosecuted, like that teenager in Kenosha, or that couple in St. Louis who used guns to deter rioters. At some point, the police just won't have the resources to keep up anymore, and it's going to be full open season.

The big questions are:

- What do the police do once the shooting starts? Are they going to keep the current policy of prosecuting the right while ignoring the left?

- What do all the retired veterans and retired cops do? The Trump websites think they're primarily going to support the right.

- What are the active military going to do? The bosses are sympathetic to Antifa (being chosen by Obama), but the rank and file are anyone's guess.

- Are China and the EU going to land troops in the USA once fighting starts?

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