Let's say that Biden wins the Presidency and the Republicans win the house (Public Board)

by FSK, Saturday, September 12, 2020, 15:49 (8 days ago) @ IT guy

How do you guys think this would play out? Would the two sides play nicer and actually get something done?

The Democrats are openly planning for Civil War. A sudden turn isn't going to happen.

There aren't many scenarios where Biden wins and Republicans take the house, assuming Biden voters also vote for the House.

Another downside of a Biden win - All those Antifa get their charges dropped or a pardon.

Whichever side loses the election isn't going to accept it. If Trump loses, he will claim mail-in voter fraud. If Trump wins, Democrats start a hot civil war.

A lot of far-right groups are saying "We're waiting until after the election to start hunting down Antifa and killing them."

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