Peterson definitely says sensible things (Public Board)

by Historian, Tuesday, September 08, 2020, 11:39 (19 days ago) @ ,ndo

He's a psychologist but he's more of a philosopher. On youtube somewhere are some 1+ hr long fireside chats he has with other academics where they sit in big chairs in his living room and talk about super interesting ultra geeky philosophical concepts. He also has some interesting books. I didn't read the 12 rules but I read one of his earlier ones, I think they had to do with religion and psychology or something. Well it's the one where he talks about being a prison psychologist and he decides to wear a CAPE and knee high boots to the prison to meet with killers, and he has some insane reason for that. It was quite funny.

He occasionally goes off the rails though because he does have some mental instability. So his followers that just go with everything he says probably should show some caution rather than do that. You have to sort of tell when he's going nuts in an interview and just enjoy but don't take it all seriously.

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