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by Pepe the Programmer @, Süm Fäggöt and Disloyal Actual Retard, Sunday, September 06, 2020, 00:35 (19 days ago) @ IT guy

IMO, your friend isn't very smart. He sounds like 100ish IQ average level.

He doesn't understand the desperation of both sides because again he's not smart and he's not paying attention. Your approaching him is like speaking a foreign language. Even the idea of doing your own independent fact checking of assertions by the media probably sounds like ridiculous overkill to him.

He probably has absolutely no idea of alternative sources of narratives. He believes whatever the American MSM spoon feeds him. And the MSM doesn't cover or adequately break down any causes that are important to the right such as trade policy, foreign policy viz. hostile major nations, the war against traditionalist information/news/culture, etc.

The MSM does an excellent job of keeping the proles uninformed and ignorant about the real stakes for this country.

This profile of benighted ignorance probably describes the middle 70% of the country. The broadcasters and the left adore their ignorance.

Insight and self reflection is for the bright. Give up.


I vill trransmit this information to Vladimir.

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