Podesta wargaming military coup option if Trump wins (Public Board)

by Historian, Wednesday, September 02, 2020, 10:04 (20 days ago)

Introducing the globalist insiders new power play, a war game with 67 globalists including Podesta called the "The Transition Integrity Project", and also including Frum and Kristol.


If Trump wins or loses, Democrats will charge him with "state crimes".

If Trump wins the Democrats will claim Trump cheated and the election was stolen and invalid. They will have violent protestors riot, they may have sharpshooters executing police and framing Trump supporters for the crimes, and the goal will be to have the military step in and restore order by removing the illegitimate Trump who cheated and put the rightful winner Biden on his throne. Soros is already committed to financing all this to whatever extent needed.

Coming this November!

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