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by ,ndo, Shit for brains, Sunday, August 02, 2020, 07:08 (13 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

I've now watched the 45 min bitchute video of the press conference outside the summit.

I started the concept of this "summit" being astroturfing here, and then Historian jumped in and used fairly shallow (but valid) internet research to find other residents of the business rental building that her clinic is based in.

As far as I know the entire galaxy is treating the "White Coat Summit" as a good faith event. I'm dissenting from that view.

Of course I accept that that's your view and unlike our friend Idiot I'm not going to attack you over it :)

But I think the worst criticism that can be made of the press conference is that it wasn't particularly slick. And given that these people purport to be frontline doctors and not media performers or public relations specialists, that's probably a good thing rather than a bad thing.


My opinion is that advocating 1) not wearing masks and 2) HCQ already places you in the fringe.

Selecting a spokesperson who is closely associated with beliefs that sound unscientific and crazy to your audience doesn't seem remotely plausible when you're trying to legitimize non mainstream ideas.

As Historian said, the video and the presence of this doctor in it makes anyone staying open to HCQ sound like a crazy voodoo doctor.

That article said that André Gagné, professor of theological studies, said that Immanuel was basically talking Genesis Chapter 6. Surely mainstream Americans would not regard a person's religious beliefs as unscientific and crazy.

Maybe it's because I'm good at compartmentalising but I place more importance on her medical assertions than her non-medical beliefs. Immanuel claims that she treated 350 patients and that none of them died. I personally don't know the truth of either of those claims but if they are true they are, firstly, important in their own right and, secondly, more important than any crazy voodoo claims she might make.

And because it's not all about her, there was a section right at the end after the press conference had officially ended where one of the doctors (the paediatrician?) was explaining to a member of the public the mechanism of zinc. That was interesting, and hardly the stuff of astroturfing.

Either this, or...

Absolutely nobody associated with this production understands the concept of "optics" (how things look to observers.)

Being not media professionals, and in fact being technicians (they fix broken human machines), I think they absolutely would be fairly clueless about optics and if they did advert to it at all they would proclaim that facts are much more important than looks.

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