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No problem! I get stupid ideas at times. It is kind of a stupidly unwieldy idea that would probably create 100X the aggravation I'm dealing with now.

You called it.

Accountability on home projects is a funny thing. I've gotten total shit work done by well lauded contractors referred personally.

That's why I asked this question to begin with. If the guys who are supposed to take responsibility and provide customer support don't give a crap, then why not dig up hourly workers and put them to work?

I don't like Angies List.

I used to use Angie's List and paid $40/yr for it. It used to be organized like a phone directory. IE: You could search for roof contractors in a certain area code and get a list of obscure small (flexible) companies.

It's now free for consumers, BUT is totally paid-placements driven and smaller contractors can't be located on it at all, unless they pay. Angies List buries businesses that don't pay marketing fees.

A contractor who built his business on it told me that they dunned him for expensive marketing services constantly.


I vill trransmit this information to Vladimir.

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