Dealing with people who don't social distance and/or wear a mask (Main Board)

by IT guy, Thursday, July 30, 2020, 10:59 (11 days ago)

I was at work a couple weeks ago and we have this machine that I sometimes have to configure and give people access to. So I'm standing there and doing my thing....and this guy that I'm supposed to give access to is so close that he's almost literally breathing down my neck. If what I was doing lasted longer than it did (30 seconds or so), I would have had to ask the guy to back off. He seems like a bit of a douche and I suspect that he may not have taken it too well.

Had an incident yesterday where a guy walked into the office asking for a password reset. As soon as he walks into the office, he takes his mask off. WTF? It's like he figured that nobody would be watching him since we were the only ones there at the time. Then while I'm at the computer, he's standing over my shoulder and talking (WITHOUT the mask). So I turn around and he's still talking and I ask "what happened to your mask?". He didn't get shitty or anything and put it back on. He still wasn't six feet away as we were talking. The conversation didn't last long so I just let it go.

I have had instances where I'm at the store and some idiot (without a mask) will get too close. I just step away. Someone I know had this happen to him at the store. He was standing in line and some redneck shithead was like inches behind him. He politely asked a guy to back off, and the guy got offended, and said something like "you think you're special?" or something like that.

Have any of you had similar instances (at work or anywhere in public)? If so, what did you say and how did people react?

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