It either fooled everyone, or I am a psychotic (Main Board)

by Pepe the Programmer @, Süm Fäggöt and Disloyal Actual Retard, Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 23:02 (17 days ago) @ Hillarys Colon
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Maybe both.

Trump tweeted this video, which appears to have created the visibility to result in the video and the organization being "canceled".

I just have real problems with how this video was presented to the internet and the world and the way it was made.

This video was CREATED in order to be canceled and then to create attention for contrary positions on the pandemic which are then summarily "debunked".

The video is just a collection of talking points. Even if it were not canceled, it wouldn't have changed anything. It's too lightweight to be a serious attempt at changing the game.

By definition if you want to overturn a popular narrative you have to have facts and data to back up your claims as well as external citations. There were none here. Just white coated authoritative "doctors" AKA actors, talking like they're all authoritative and shit.

It's amazing to me that the entire right isn't bright enough to see through this ruse. Breitbart et al may have had sincere motives to publicize it, but it smells like rotting fish.


I vill trransmit this information to Vladimir.

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