So official policy is: practice denial in all messaging to dumbass citizens (Main Board)

by Pepe the Programmer @, Süm Fäggöt and Disloyal Actual Retard, Tuesday, July 28, 2020, 01:24 (18 days ago) @ IT guy
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If they said anything, you never would have been able to find Vitamin D or C. It was difficult enough to find C for awhile.

True enough. Maybe that was the case.

But the way you suggest this sounds exactly like the administration's early advice to NOT seek out to purchase or wear medical grade masks allegedly because they did no good.

Then the administration admitted months later that this was (essentially) a ruse to keep normies from competing with medical providers for PPE. Essentially that was how Dr Fauci and I think VP Pence explained the early advice. They misdirected the public.

It's amazing to me that public honesty in the US is at CCP, DPRK and Kremlin levels. But there you have it.


Any thinking citizen today must assume that they are being misdirected by the government and by the media.

Even a "friendly" administration like Trump's misdirects the public. On purpose. For survival and civic order purposes.


I vill trransmit this information to Vladimir.

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