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by IT guy, Saturday, July 25, 2020, 12:15 (20 days ago) @ IT guy

Thanks for your suggestions. Here's what I have planned:

1. Send an e-mail to an employee who has been helpful on a couple of occasions previously and copy the owner. Debating whether to add their office email as well but it's probably better to keep the recipients to a minimum. I figure the more people that are added, the more they will talk and scheme to cover their asses. Attach the pictures and stick to the facts. Express my disappointment but don't bash them. Give them an opportunity to make things right.

2. Start calling them every day and ask to speak to the owner.

3. If no response to the above after a couple days, type up a letter of demand as ndo suggested. Send it via priority mail and require a signature.

4. Visit their office and ask to speak to the owner. Take documentation and pics.

If the above doesn't get results, the gloves come off. Leave negative reviews and post pics. Decide what if any further action to take.

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