Is it time to lawyer up or should I give contractor one more chance? (Main Board)

by IT guy, Saturday, July 25, 2020, 10:57 (21 days ago) @ Pepe the Programmer

Try B2B listing sites such as Manta, Zoominfo, and maybe even Linkedin. You might see if there is a gig that will dig up personal data for an individual. There are also contact tracer sites where you pay to obtain someone's personal phone number and email address and cell numbers.

Will look into, thanks for the info!

You're being cucked by the receptionist. You may want to mention that you're proceeding to legal action if you aren't allowed to talk to the real decision makers.

Yeah. Funny how they put a sweet old lady in that role. She might be the owner's mother for all I know. But I'm done kissing her ass. I won't be rude but will be straight and to the point.

Sometimes gatekeepers have a personal religion about keeping filthy unwashed plebs away from the virtuous owners, and that self righteous type needs to be shot in the forehead.

But sometimes gatekeepers get totally screamed at and threatened for allowing someone unauthorized to talk with Mr. Big. So it may help your cause to give the receptionist a clear reason why your call is important enough to put through.

That could very well be the case!

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