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by ,ndo, Shit for brains, Friday, July 24, 2020, 20:43 (19 days ago) @ FSK

I disagree with this recommendation.

I do agree that you should read the contract.

You should (1) know the contract (including any contractual terms implied by law), (2) know the law (local, state and federal as applicable), and (3) always bear in mind that a contract can never overrule the law.

When you know the contract and the law, you might decide that a letter of demand is the way to go. A letter of demand is where you civilly and professionally and in unambiguous and direct terms set out your claim(s), the grounds for your claim, and the steps for the other party to take which will resolve the claim to your satisfaction. Keep at the forefront of your mind that you want the reader to know that if they do X, Y and Z then the problem will go away. Then to them the decision becomes do they want the problem to go away, because here is the recipe to make that happen. Place "LETTER OF DEMAND", centred, before your text and after date, addressee etc, with one or two blank lines before and after "LETTER OF DEMAND". There is no need to make any threats, the form and content of the letter implies that legal action is a possibility if the reader does not follow the recipe. Send it registered mail or whatever is required to get a signature that it was received.

You might even run it past a lawyer when you're ready to send it. But since you're in IT, just treat the whole project as a programming project, do your research, do the project methodically and logically, and you will probably produce a good letter.

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